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Located in central New Jersey, our firm’s representation on land use and zoning matters is sought-after throughout the State. From the most complex redevelopment project to the most straightforward zoning issue, our clients benefit from Erica Edwards’ thirty-five years of experience with land use and zoning issues.

The Range of Services We Provide Reflects Our Decades of First-Hand Experience With Land Use and Zoning Issues

As reflected in our list of representative clients and projects, we provide a broad range of legal and consultative land use and zoning services to commercial property owners and homeowners alike, including:

  • Development and redevelopment planning;
  • Preparation of applications for development and redevelopment inclusive of applications for major and minor site plan and subdivision approval, and applications for individual variances;
  • Appearances before planning boards, zoning boards and other governmental and administrative agencies, to obtain land use approvals;
  • Appeals of land use decisions, including appeals from zoning officers’ decisions, and defense of land use approvals;
  • Advocacy in State and federal court on matters relating to zoning, condemnation and other land use issues; and
  • Consultative services provided to property owners on land use and zoning matters, including negotiations with zoning officers, code enforcement officials and other municipal staff, professionals and elected officials.

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