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Located in central New Jersey, our firm’ s representation on land use and zoning matters is sought-after throughout the State. From the most complex redevelopment project to the most straightforward zoning issue, our clients benefit from Erica Edwards’ thirty-five years of experience with land use and zoning issues.

About Erica Edwards, Esq.

Our firm’s signature land use and zoning practice draws on attorney Erica Edwards’ thirty-five years of experience with land use and zoning issues.

A native of New Jersey, Ms. Edwards was raised in her family’s real estate business during which time she was routinely exposed to the issues that affect owners of commercial and residential real estate. It was during this time that she developed a keen interest in land use and zoning issues.

Upon graduating from Duke University School of Law in 1991, where real property, land use and zoning law were her focus, Ms. Edwards returned to New Jersey to practice law. Soon thereafter she sought appointment to the zoning board in her hometown of Flemington in Hunterdon County.

Once appointed, Ms. Edwards served on Flemington’s zoning board and then on its planning board, nearly continuously, for twenty years. During that time she logged thousands of hours reviewing, evaluating and ruling on hundreds of planning and zoning board applications.

While on the planning board she served for a decade as the board’s chairman, in that role functioning as the board’s lead administrator and working closely with other municipal officials including the planning board attorney, engineer and planner, the zoning officer, the planning board secretary and, most critically, her fellow board members. She also worked closely with representatives of County and State government including staff of the State’s Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Community Affairs.

In 2006 Ms. Edwards was appointed to Flemington’s governing body on which she served continuously for nearly a decade. During that time she was re-elected three times, most notably in 2010 when she was elected mayor.

During her four-year term as mayor she consulted on land use and zoning issues on a daily basis. In particular, she spearheaded Flemington’s redevelopment efforts, in the process commissioning a redevelopment plan for the town’s historic downtown area and forging an unprecedented water use agreement with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection among other accomplishments. During that time she also served as a member of the Executive Board of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities.

In addition to the full-time practice of law, Ms. Edwards enjoys fitness, gardening and writing.

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